Duration: 13:54
Filling My Ass Up

I begin by teasing you with my long, lean body and perky tits.  Showing off my legs strapped into high heels shoes; rocing back to give you a good view of my perfect, round ass.  I grab my crop and begin to tease my ass cheeks with sharp strikes; subtle red lines forming as I land one slap after another.  By the time my ass begins to turn a soft shade of pink, my hole is hungry and ready for some action!

With my big, glass dildo, I tease my ass open, sliding the toy in deeper and deeper.  It feels fucking amazing!  I then pair the sensation of my ass being fucked ith a hitatchi vibrator on my clit. Sipping a ball gag between my lips to soften my moans, I take to pounding my hole fast and hard until I erupt into an orgasm so powerful, one can see my pussy and ass muscles clench and release as wave after wave of pleasure wash over me.

Photos: 50
Going Out

I went out for the night in London with my friend Elly so we shot this little set for you before we went, it's like a reverse striptease :)

Duration: 08:54
Would You Let Me Watch You Cum?

I absolutely LOVE watching guys cum. I love to undress as I watch them unzip and as I take off my clothes I love to see them watching me and getting harder and more excited as I slowly undress for them. Letting them see my legs in my fully fashioned nylons and high heels and as I take off my skirt I LOVE to see their reaction as I take off my skirt and they see that I am not wearing any panties. Then as I slowly unbutton my blouse and pull it open to show them my big 34G tits and my HUGE nipples I love to see their eyes looking all over me as they begin to masturbate. In this video I am going to undress for you and then I am am going to help you to cum VERY hard as I watch you. I you ready to do that right now? As I watch you? You you and me? I am ready and waiting for you right now!


Duration: 13:11
Making Myself Cum

In this sensual masturbation video, I describe in detail, how I like to please my pussy.  I begin by running my hands over my body; talking about how the feeling of fingertips on my skin perks my arousal and sends shivers of anticipation over my body.  Next, I slide a finger into my pussy and explain the way I like to finger myself until I'm slick and ready for more.  Once my cunt is wet and acing for more, I break out my blue vibrator to fuck myself while I begin to talk dirty, describing all the naughty, group-sex fantasies that I like to make myself cum to.

Photos: 98
Sheer Top Red Heels

In this photo set, I start out wearing a sheer, long sleeve black shirt, zebra print thong, and red heels. First I pull the shirt off, stretch out on the bed, then I'm bending over and taking off the thong. Pulling my ass cheeks apart and spreading my lips to give you a closer look as I play with myself.

Duration: 08:53
Secretary Bound And Tormented!


First he overpowered me and then used rope to tie my wrists and my legs then he bound my HUGE 34G cleavage with more VERY tight rope before pulling up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops and then he pulled my blouse wide open so that my HUGE jutting tits and hard nipples were fully exposed! I was completely helpless as he groped me and felt me then he squeezed my HUGE tits VERY hard before turning his attentions to my nipples! He pulled, pinched and twisted my nipples cruelly so that they were VERY hard and then he pinched them between a pair of VERY strong steel clips which was complete agony! Turning my big jutting tits towards the camera so that you can see EVERYTHING that he did to me!


Duration: 07:52
HUGE Squirting Bondage Orgasms!


With my BIG 34G cup tits bound VERY tightly in a rope bra I carefully strap my ball gag into place and then get my new VERY powerful mains powered wand vibrator ready to masturbate... I had not cum for almost a week (a record for me for as long as I can remember back) and my clit was already very swollen so as soon as I placed the hugely powerful wand against my hyper sensitive clit it was like a wave of electricity rushing through me! My first orgasm came VERY quickly but the next two were FAR more powerful and so intense that I squirted VERY heavily both times! I think that this is a first for me while using a mains wand on video so come inside and watch EVERYTHING in full close up! :-) xx


Duration: 15:31
Super Villain Stroke

Wakey, wakey!  There you are!  I was a little worried that you'd never come back to me - but here you are.  How are you feeling?  I have to hand it to you, you put up one hell of a fight.  You are turning out ot be a worthy adversary afterall!  Too bad that is all going to come to and end.  You see, I just injected you with a very special serum.  This serum will make you unbelievably aroused.  Not only is it going to give you the biggest hard-on of your life, but it's also going to make you susceptive to all of my instructions and demands.  I'm going to have so much fun with you and your cock, you have no idea!  I want to watch you stroke it for me, unable to resist!

But don't worry, the serum's effects are only temporary.  That is, until you climax.  You see, if you are unable to resist my charm and orgasm, then you will become my mindless minion destined to do my bidding.  So go on!  Jerk that cock off for me while I tease you!  I want to watch you struggle to fight it.  But even more - I want to see the look on your face when you succumb to me, blowing a hot, sticky load all over yourself and falling into my diabolical clutches for the rest of your days!

Duration: 12:26
Trying Out The New Electric Nipple Pump


Last week we bought an electric nursing nipple pump to use on a bondage shoot that we have planned but first of all I wanted to try them out on myself to feel just how they felt. It's been quite a few years since I needed to use one of these and this time we looked for the most powerful pump that we could find and WOW they suck the nipples VERY hard! This pump is adjustable for both pulse and power and when it is switched right up to maximum power it REALLY sucks my nipples deep into the cups very VERY hard and if we use this pump while I am in bondage with someone else in control of the power it will be VERY difficult to endure for any length of time... It REALLY made my nipples throb painfully hard! But that isn't something that I will have a lot of control over of course if I am tied and helpless...


Duration: 11:11
Neon Nylon Orgasm

Watch me as I wiggle and writhe, naked on the floor; teasing you while wearing only neon lace top stocking and a pair of heels.  Clearly very horny and in need to some relief, I begin to tease my pretty pussy with my fingers, rubbing the pink lips and caressing my perk clit.  Once I'm all nice and slick, I grab a glass dildo and go to work, fucking myself until I moan and cum!

Duration: 11:33
Lingerie Blowjob

Dressed up from top to bottom in sexy black lingerie. A bra, thong, fishnet thigh high stockings, and garter, slowly stripping it all off. Then I get down on the floor and give a nice sloppy blowjob to my realistic suction cup dildo while touching my boobs and playing with myself.

Photos: 108
Corset and Vibe

I'm starting off wearing a corset, beige thigh high stockings and a sheer nude thong in this photo shoot, spreading my legs with my panties still. Eventually both the corset and thong come off so you can see my boobs and ass while I masturbate.

Duration: 17:26
Jayne – The Busty Housewife


Jayne is a very good friend who lives just a short drive away from us here and when she asked if she could come up and shoot a video for us we invited her up straight away. Jayne has a 38F bust and when it comes to sex she is quite insatiable! She loves to be fingered and she has a VERY sensitive G-spot... It's not unusual for a guy to be able to make her cum VERY hard up to ten times in under an hour just with his fingers! A VERY special married lady! Twitter: @JayneStormy


Duration: 10:33
Wet, Red Panties

Watch how wet and slick my pussy gets as I smoke my e-cig and play with myself. I'm positively drippng through my red, satin panties! It's so easy to slide my fingers inside and fuck my pretty, wet cunt until I cum for you.

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