Photos: 55
Gold Scarf

I couldn't decide what to wear on a night out, I only got as far as my scarf! Well seeing as I was naked I thought I may as well do a few pics for you ;)

Duration: 06:37
Silky – A Married Lady Who Loves To Strip For The Camera

My very special friend Silky's husband is away for a couple of days with business so she drove down to shoot for us here again. Black leather boots and a black leather jacket and she kneels on the sofa and leans back so that the camera come come in VERY close on her tight shaved pussy! Then she carefully slides a glass dildo into her VERY tight pussy and goes to work on her clit with her expert fingers!


Duration: 08:50
Using His Aunt Sonia As A Fuck Toy!

You only seems to ever call around when your uncle is out... I know it's because you want to see your Aunt Sonia's big 34F cup tits! You want to see them now? Okay, I will open my buttons for you, I am wearing a new bra and pantie set... Do you like them? Do you like the way that my new bra shows off my cleavage for you? You want me to pull my big tits out of the top of my bra cups for you? And you have brought those VERY painful steel nipple clips again... You want me to put them onto my HUGE nipples as you watch me? But they are so VERY painful and hurt me so much! Especially when you make me wear them when you want to take me up to my bedroom and fuck me HARD with them on! I know that you like using your aunt as your personal fuck toy... And there is absolutely NOTHING that I can do about it!


Duration: 10:22
Silky – Married Lady In Thigh Boots

My very special friend Silky came down to shoot with us for the first time yesterday and she brought her long black shiny patent thigh boots with her. She slowly strips for the camera and then lays down on the large sofa with her long legs WIDE open so that you can see everything as she expertly fingers her tight wet pussy as you watch!


Duration: 06:21
Watching Aunt Sonia Squirt VERY Hard!

I had seen the young guy watching me all morning... His eyes were all over my big 34G tits and I could see his eyes all over my legs as I walked up and down. All of the time he was watching me I was getting wetter and wetter and then as soon as I got home I KNEW that I would have to make myself cum VERY hard as I though about him watching me... Wondering what he would do with me if ever he got the chance... First of all I take off my skirt and my panties and then climb up onto the kitchen worktop and use one of my VERY powerful mains powered wan vibrators on my already throbbing clit! I know that I am going to cum hard but I have no idea just how hard... Thinking about him touching me and then fucking me drives me over the edge and my first orgasm is so massively powerful I squirt VERY hard EVERYWHERE!


Duration: 05:00
Kitty – Tied Up And Stripped

My very special friend Kitty LOVES the feel of tight rope on her fabulous body... She loves to be tied and then stripped so that her big tits are exposed for everyone to see! Fully fashioned nylons and her bra unclipped so that the cups can be pulled up to let her perfect tits fall out for the camera and there is NOTHING that she can do about it at all!


Duration: 09:31
I Need A Rough Young Man To Use Me HARD!

I know your mother very well but I have seen the way that you look at me... I can see that you are the type of very rough young man who would like to use a married lady VERY hard! I have seen you looking at my big tits and I have also seen you looking at my legs and my bottom... I get very bored here at home all alone when my husband is working away and I am looking for a young man who would be able to give me EVERYTHING that I need... Do you think you would be able to do that for me? Would you like to come around and then take me up to my bedroom and use me VERY hard in my husbands bed?


Duration: 12:58
Kitty Cream – Cover Me With Your Cum!

I would like to introduce my long time friend and party playmate here on video for you for the very first time. Kitty Cream is a real genuine MILF with an absolutely stunning figure and finally I have persuaded her to undress for the camera here. Kitty Cream LOVES to tease and she loves to be watched so I'm sure that you are REALLY going to love this! :-) xx


Duration: 12:35
Housework In Bondage

Hoovering and dusting in a VERY tight rope bra forcing my HUGE 34F cup tits out as far as they will possibly go! Next holes are cut into my T-shirt to expose my VERY big hard nipples for everyone to see and then I stand in the window for anyone to see and put wooden clothes pegs onto my long hard nipples to pinch them tight! Walking through the house with my HUGE 34F tits jutting out on full display and the vicious pegs pinching my big nipples bouncing up and down with every step... I am on FULL display for you to see and watch as I walk up and down for your pleasure!


Duration: 07:37
Kitty – Tied Up In The Bedroom

My very special friend Kitty is sitting on the bed checking her lipstick when she is tied in VERY tight rope bondage and then stripped! Her skirt and blouse are taken off of her and then her bra is unclipped and pulled off so that he wonderful big tits are left FULLY exposed!


Photos: 92
Just Need To Be Loved

Today I'm in the studio and we are having a lazy day just chilling out and listening to music. I found this huge pink heart in the prop room and it goes so well with my tee shirt we had to use it! I put it down under a spotlight in the dark room and started stripping. I love posing and being watched as I'm sure you can tell as my hand ends up in my panties.....  ;)

Duration: 09:46
Would You Like Your Aunt Sonia To Undress For You?

Good morning... Dis you sleep well? I have just brought you your glass of milk... Ah, I see that you have found your uncles magazine collection... Do you like to look at pictures of women undressed? Well, if you like I can undress for you? Would you like that? Would you like me to undress so that you can see ALL of me? There is really no need for you to be looking at pictures of naked women if your uncle is out is there? I am sure that we can have a LOT more fun together than you reading magazines all alone here... Would you like to see aunties big tits? I have got VERY big nipples as well... Would you like to see? Shall I undress for you now?


Photos: 66
My Pregnant Friend Gypsy

Meet one of my hot friends! Gypsy told me after her pregnancy she wanted to do some modeling with me, but why wait? She still looks so good right now. I grabbed my camera and she got naked. I was soon rubbing my pussy just watching her play with herself. Her boyfriend nearly caught us too!

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