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Day at the Beach

So it's a nice sunny day here in England so we head to the beach. OK well it was sunny when we set off lol! So I braved the cold and did a little bikini set for you all.

Duration: 14:01
Lady Sonia – Caged And Forced To Strip

This was shot at our first visit to the excellent Oasis Studio Club at Bilsthorpe near Nottingham. We had gone along to take a look at the facilities and arrange our first shoot there and this video footage here was taken as we took a look around and had a bit of a play around with some of the excellent equipment and toys provided. Over the years we have visited LOADS of different clubs and venues to play in and shoot at but this is the best we have visited by a VERY long way. The place is run by fabulous people too and we plan to go to a “Club Night” there just as soon as we can. This place REALLY is on another level!


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Everyone loves housework right? No? Well let me make it more interesting with my sexy striptease while I do the ironing! Want me to come clean your house? ;)

Duration: 12:25
Busty Housewife Chair Bondage For Nipple Treatment


Secured to the chair by steel handcuffs and steel ankle cuffs so that I can't do anything but struggle in a ball gag as the guy obsessed with my nipples has his fun with me! My HUGE 34G tits are bra-less under my new silk blouse and the first thing he does is spray my very thin blouse with ice cold water so that my nipples quickly harden and are clearly visible through the sheer material and then he cuts small holes in my blouse so that me now FULLY erect nipples are exposed! His cruel fingers pinch and twist my swollen hard nipples as I struggle to get away! But he has only just started with the absolutely agonizing fun that he has planned to have with me! I am forced to endure nipple pumps, VERY painful nipple clips with weights attached and I am COMPLETELY helpless as he moves his hand down to force his probing fingers deep into my pussy to finger me HARD as my HUGE hard nipples are subjected to more and more VERY painful and humiliating tortures for his perverted pleasure!


Duration: 18:38
Scorpio – Tits Bound VERY Tight And Nipples Pegged HARD!

This is very very good friend Scorpio's very first REAL bondage experience! Her arms are tied behind her back then her legs and ankles tied so that she cannot move and then her tits are tied and bound until they are painful even to the slightest touch! But of course they are not just subjected to the slightest touch... Her big tits are grabbed and groped roughly and squeezed VERY hard and then pegs are roughly attached to her aching bloated nipples as the camera watches EVERYTHING!


Duration: 12:18
Aunt Sonia Has Secretly Been Watching You Wank


Last weekend when you were here I was watching you out of the corner of my eye... I could see that you had put your phone onto silent so that you could secretly take photos of my legs and my cleavage thinking that I wouldn't know but you were a bit too obvious. As I crossed and uncrossed my legs and then leaned forwards to pick up my magazine I made sure that you could see what you wanted to see... And all of the time I could see that you were silently taking photos photos of me while you tried to make out that you were doing something else! All I had to do was to wait for you to go up to your room and then quietly follow you and I watched you unzip and pull out your hard cock to wank it as you studied the photos of me that you had taken while I quietly watched you through the crack in the door letting my fingers find their way into my panties as I watched you in secret!



Duration: 13:31
Kitty – Classic English Striptease – One

My very special long time friend Kitty who is fifty five years old “strips” for a hobby at different venues all over the country as she LOVES to show herself off and when she was here last week I asked her if she would like to “strip” on video fir my members of the site here and she agreed straight away. Classic English striptease and this is part one here. Enjoy :-) xx


Duration: 06:35
Trapped Busty Housewife Wank Encouragement


Trapped in steel handcuffs and ankle cuffs by one of my husbands young employees just as I was about to go out for the evening no matter how much I begged and pleaded as I got more and more annoyed he just wouldn't give me the key back so that I could release myself! As soon as I saw the smile on his face I knew that I was in trouble... The way that his eyes were examining my legs in my VERY expensive sheer Eleganti nylons and my cleavage in my VERY low cut dress it was quite obvious that he wasn't just going to give me the key and let me go... Having one of my husbands young employees catching me like this put me in a very difficult position and all I could do was give him what he wanted in the hope that it would be over quickly so that I could get the key before my husband came back and caught me!


Duration: 06:17
Scorpio – Tied Up Stripped And Spanked

My good friend Scorpio (a regular play partner here) wanted to come along and shoot some video footage being groped and spanked so of course the arrangements were made and this is the first video of her here. Handcuffed and suspended to the steel frame she is shown off for the camera as she is spanked VERY hard, fingered VERY and her large full tits squeezed and groped and her HUGE nipples pulled and twisted VERY hard as well and shown off for you to see!



Duration: 12:25
Tightly Taped Tits And Crotch Rope In Pantyhose


Last Friday I went out shopping in Nottingham but before I left I asked my husband to tape my 34G breasts in a tape bra and then I asked him to tie a crotch rope over my pantyhose so that I could go out like this under my normal everyday clothes. This is something that I had been thinking about for quite a while now and last Friday I thought I would actually do it for real. It was a VERY strange feeling to be walking past people in the very busy city center with my tits taped and with a VERY tight crotch rope harness but is was incredibly exciting! Of course because of the tape bra my tits did get a LOT of attention as my bust was forced right out hard into my blouse very obviously with my nipples clearly visible to everyone! Anyway I thought I would do the very same thing here for you on video so that you can see how it looked. Enjoy :-) xx


Duration: 09:32
Rope Bondage And Tied Nipples Hard


In this video I am secured with steel handcuffs and ankle cuffs and then my big 34G tits are tied in a VERY tight rope bra so that they are bound together and forced to jut out as far as possible and then my HUGE fully erect nipples are trapped with nylon twine! Because of the size of my bust and the way that my big nipples are trapped between the nylon twine every time I move my nipples are pinched harder and harder! As I am made to pose the video camera comes in very close to watch my HUGE tied tits and nipples to watch them jut out hard and bounce with every tiny movement and all of the time my big hard nipples are trapped and pinched by the tight nylon twine!


Duration: 35:04
Auntie Trisha – The Blackmailed Aunt – Part Two


Now that he has the iPhone photos of prim and proper Auntie Trisha embarrassingly tied up and with her HUGE tits pulled out for everyone to see he takes the opportunity to call around while his uncle is out to show the photos to his horrified aunt. After waiting many years he now has his aunt in the situation where he can get EVERYTHING that he wants from her! So he gives her the choice... Either he shows the photos to uncle and a few of his friends... Or she does EXACTLY what he wants and he deletes the photos from his phone... The only thing is that he wants her to undress and then he wants to fuck his aunt... She really doesn't have a lot of choice does she?


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I love money! But I dont have very much :( At least I share everything I have with you ;)

Duration: 09:06
Hi And Welcome To My Members Area

It's really great to see you here and I do hope that you have been enjoying all of the fun I have been having here on video to show you. I thought that I would just pop in and say hi to you and perhaps open my blouse and show you my HUGE firm 34G cup tits while you unzip and we have a little chat. I LOVE helping guys to cum and in this video it's just you and me and I am going to help you have the most intense and powerful orgasm you have had for a VERY long time. Are you ready? I want you to show me your beautiful big hard cock and then I want to show you exactly what I would do with it if I was there with you right now. I want to show you how I would oil it and make it wonderfully slippery in my hand and then squeeze it and stroke it until it was ready to shoot your hot thick cum all over me! Enjoy :-) xx


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